1. Create an account

You need to register on Dashboard.

2. Create your polygon

After your registration click the "New" button in the top of the "Create polygon" screen.

  1. Click on the polygon icon or square icon on the map.

  2. Draw your polygon. If you choose a polygon shape icon do not forget to merge the first and last points to finish your polygon.

  3. Fill in the "Name" field and click the "Create" button to save your polygon.

    You can continue to create polygons or go to the list of created polygons.

Now you can go to the "Satellite imagery" tab and get data for your polygons.
How to work with the "Satellite imagery" is here.

You can start from the polygon example "Polygon Sample". You can delete this polygon at any time.
How to work with polygons is here.

Read more in our Blog. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at info@openweathermap.org!