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Satellite imagery for a polygon

The 2-step API to get satellite imagery, vegetation and meta data for a polygon.

For all vegetation index and True & False colour, the API returns:

  • Images in PNG format
  • Tiles in PNG format
  • Zonal statistics for a polygon (min, max, median, standart deviation, etc.)
  • Images in GeoTIFF format

We provide all neseccary vegetation indicies, such as NDVI, EVI, EVI2, DSWI, NDWI, NRI, which can assist in identifying anomalies in your fields and planning.

It is a 2-steps API where you search for all available images and vegetation data by your polygon on the first step. On the second step, you pick up founded images in png, or get meta data for your polygon or get an image in tiff, etc.

Satellite images are available for mostly agricultural areas (check available areas).

Satellite Imagery API

NDVI history for a polygon

Daily updating of NDVI for monitoring and analysing the changes in the health and state of vegetation in your field throughout the seasons.

Detailed historical data for analysis and comparison vegetation of one season to another.

NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) is the most common indicators for assessing vegetation progress over time. It is calculated based on a combination of imageries from Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2.

History NDVI API

Weather data for any geographic coordinates

Current weather, 5 days detailed forecast and historical weather for any geographic coordinates.

5-day forecast includes weather data every 3 hours.

Data sets include max and min air temperature, humidity, wind speed, cloudness and other significant weather parameters.

Historical data is not available for the Free account.

Accumulated temperature and precipitation

Accumulated parameters are essential for predicting crop development rates and maturity.

The temperature quantity index is calculated as the sum of daily temperature. The humidity quantity index is expressed as the sum of daily precipitation.

Soil data

Soil temperature and moisture are essential indices that allow your customer to adjust irrigation work and prevent crop roots damage.

Historical data is not available for the Free account.

Ultraviolet index

Strength of sunburn-producing ultraviolet (UV) radiation at a particular place and time.

Current UV index (Clear Sky), forecast and historical data.

Set up polygons

Initial API to set up your polygon and get its ID.

Create, update, delete and get information for created polygons.

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