Historical NDVI by polygon

Daily updating of NDVI for prompt monitoring of vegetation.


Detailed historical data for analysis and comparison vegetation of one season to another.

Archive since the 2001 year (only for the Corporate account).

NDVI is calculated based on a combination of imageries from Landsat, Sentinel and MODIS with daily updating.

NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), EVI (Enhanced Vegetation Index) are the most common indicators for assessing vegetation progress over time.

API call:

http://api.agromonitoring.com/agro/1.0/ndvi/history?start={start date}&end={end date}&polyid={ID of polygon}&appid={API key}

Parameters of API call:

Necessary parameters

appid Personal API key

polygon_id ID of a polygon

start Start date (unix time, UTC), e.g. start=1483218000n

end End date (unix time, UTC), e.g. end=1504213200

Optional parameters

type Name of datasourse Landsat-8 (l8), Sentinel-2 (s2)

zoom Number of zoom level

coverage_max %

coverage_min %

clouds_max %

clouds_min %

Examples of API calls:


Example of API response:
    "dt": 1534723200,
    "source": "l8",
    "zoom": 13,
    "dc": 100,
    "cl": 0.16,
    "data": {
      "std": 0.1558458159825856,
      "p75": 0.7262991514983845,
      "min": 0.17311303041682313,
      "max": 0.8387096774193549,
      "median": 0.60759000472567,
      "p25": 0.474027202361513,
      "num": 8374,
      "mean": 0.5979920916568334
Parameters of API response:
  • dt Acquisition date (unix time, UTC)
  • source Satellite name (Landsat 8, Sentinel 2)
  • zoom Number of zoom level
  • dc Approximate useful area (What percentage of the polygon is filled with the available satellite images)
  • cl Approximate percentage of clouds
  • dataData for the current polygon
    • std The standard deviation of the index
    • p25 The first quartile value of the index
    • num The number of pixels in the current polygon
    • min The minimum value of the index
    • max The maximum value of the index
    • median The median value of the index
    • p75 The third quartile value of the index
    • mean The average value of the index