How to starts working with Agricultural API

Our API is the easiest one for working with satellite imagery and weather data. Sign up, set up your polygons and start using API for free!

1. Sign up and get an API key

Sign up with your email and find an API key on 'API keys' tab in your account.

Use your unique API key {appid=} in each API call to authorise a request from your application.

Once you sign up, you will receive access to the Agricultural Dashboard, where you can also create polygons and operate with them.

2. Create a polygon and get ID

Create a polygon in our system and get its ID with Polygons API. Use the polygon ID in API requests to get agricultural data for this polygon.

Our simple visual tool can help you to get a list of GeoJSON coordinates. Draw a polygon, get an automatically generated list of coordinates and copy it to the Polygons API.

By using other methods of the Polygon API, you can easily get info for a polygon, get the list of all created polygons, update polygons name, and remove any of your polygons.

You can also create polygons via the Agricultural Dashboard and get the agricultural data by these polygons via API and the other way around (create polygons via API and view the information in the Dashboard's visual interface).

3. Start using Agro API for free

Call Agro APIs with your API key (1) and the polygon ID (2) to get satellite imagery, weather data and more.

Get satellite images and meta data for your polygon with Satellite Imagery API.

Also call for weather, accumulated temperature, NDVI and other data useful for agricultural applications with APIs described in API documentation.

Free account gives you satellite imagery and weather data for up to 1,000 ha. To get more area and functionality, please consider our generous paid subscriptions.

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