Start working with satellite imagery and weather data following these several initial steps. Please find all information about APIs in Documentation and contact our support team for any questions.

  • 1. Signing in

    You can use your Openweathermap account to sign in OR sign up with your email to create a new account.
  • 2. Choose the plan and subscribe

    You can choose between a Free (up to 2,500 ha) and Small (up to 20,000 ha) tariffs in the Price. For a larger area, more broad data range and customised service choose a Corporate subscription.
  • 3. Set up a polygon in GeoJSON format

    Use API polygons to set up GeoJSON coordinates that shape your crops or any other area. In our visual tool, QUERY BUILDER, you can draw your polygon and get a list of precise coordinates of it in GeoJSON format. 

  • 4. Call API from your application and receive geodata for your polygon

    Call weather, satellite images, accumulated precipitation, vegetation indices and other data from your application. Learn API syntax with examples in API documentation.

  • Note: We strongly recommend you to use your unique API key {appid=} in each JSON call. It helps us to authorise a request from your application and process it appropriately. Sign in to find your API key in your account on 'API keys' tab.