Agro API

Outstanding features:

  • Weather and satellite data is combined in the one product with universal and simple syntax
  • All data processing is carried out online
  • We provide the full range of data from satellites and weather stations for monitoring the condition of farmland and for making subsequent decisions
  • High speed data request handling and response to users

How Agriculture API can empower your application

It is a set of intuitive and fast APIs to weather data, satellite imagery and derivative agricultural products based on geodata. You can easily power your application with a combination of satellite and weather data, and your users benefit from detailed information about their farmland conditions.

We have particular APIs for each data area such as API to weather, API to accumulated temperature, API to satellite imagery and many others. All these APIs have the same end-point and simple syntax.

How to work with Agriculture API

1. Sign in with your Openweathermap account OR sign up and set up a new account.

2. Choose the plan and subscribe

3. Set up a polygon in GeoJSON with Polygons API

4. Call API from your application and receive geodata for your polygon

Note. Use your unique API key {appid=} in each request to API. Sign in to find your API key on 'API keys' tab.

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