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Weather data + Satellite imagery


Weather data

Small Kit

Weather data + Satellite imagery


Fix price per month (excl. VAT) Free Get API key £20Subscribe £100Subscribe £200Subscribe  Contact us
Total area of polygons 1,000 ha 4,000 ha 20,000 ha 20,000 ha Unlimited
Calls per minute < 60 < 600 < 3,000 < 3,000 Unlimited
Number of created polygons per month < 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Satellite imagery (NDVI, EVI, True color, False color) All available data (сheck) All available data (сheck)
+ total archive on request
Unavailable All available data (сheck)
+ total archive on request
Total archive
Historical weather data 1 year 1 year 1 year Total archive
Price for exceeded area Unavailable £0.02 per each 1 ha £100 for each 10,000 ha £100 for each 10,000 ha Flexible discount system

If you need a broader territory that exceeds your plan threshold, you can still call data without limitation (available for Starter subscription plan and above). In this case, you will be charged according to your subscription plan (please see the "Price for exceeded area" row in the pricing table). We send you an invoice for the exceeded amount at the very beginning of the next month.

Please note that if a polygon was created and then deleted in the same payment month, it will be included in the total area of used polygons for that particular month, but it will not be included in your next payment month. The total area of used polygons will also include those polygons, which have been created before the current payment month and that still exist now or have been deleted during the current payment month.


Satellite imagery (NDVI, EVI, True color, False color)

We provide with customised service and extended data range under this plan. You can receive data for broader areas, get access to more in-depth archives, ask for the almost unlimited number of requests per minute, etc.

Write us your requirements, and we prepare a relevant offer for you.

NDVI history for a polygon
Current soil temperature and moisture
Historical soil temperature and moisture
Accumulated precipitation
Accumulated temperature
Current weather data
5 day/3 hour weather forecast
Historical weather data
Current UV index
Forecast UV index
Historical UV index


Satellite imagery (NDVI, EVI, True color, False color) data update Near real-time (operative) satellite data
Current soil temperature and moisture data update 2 times/day 2 times/day 2 times/day 2 times/day 2 times/day
Weather API data update < 2 hours < 1 hour < 1 hour < 1 hour < 10 min
License for maps, APIs, and other products CC BY-SA 4.0 CC BY-SA 4.0 CC BY-SA 4.0 CC BY-SA 4.0 CC BY-SA 4.0
or custom
License for data and database ODbL ODbL ODbL ODbL ODbL
or custom
Support Helpdesk Helpdesk Helpdesk Helpdesk Direct 24x7

For which area you can get Satellite imagery data right now

This map shows areas for which satellite imagery data is available in our system.

  • If you have a paid plan, the Satellite data archive for your polygons will be downloaded for any territories.
  • If have the FREE plan and create a polygon outside these areas, you will start to receive satellite imagery for the polygon in a few days.

  • Please, contact us for any questions. We will do our best to prepare a proper solution for you!


    How to buy

    1. Create your account

    2. Subscribe

    • Choose the appropriate type of subscription in the Price-list and tap 'Subscribe' OR sign in and subscribe on the ‘Billing plans’ section.
    • PayPal automatically charges your account monthly.
    • The fee is subject to change, but we always notify you beforehand.
    • If a payment fails due to any reason, Paypal automatically repeats an attempt to receive a payment within 5 days. If the payment failure happens 3 times in a row, PayPal automatically suspends your account. You should subscribe to the service again in this case (please contact our support team).
    • We do not collect, store or process any of your payment details. Instead, PayPal service manages all this information.
    • In the personal account you can find information about your created polygons and their total area.
    • At the end of each billing period, we check the total area of the polygons that you requested our data for.
    • If the total area exceeds the monthly limit of your plan we charge you £100 for each 10,000 ha. We send you invoice for the exceeded amount at the very beginning of the next month.
    We accept:
    • PayPal (Recurrent Payments service for a monthly subscription)
    • Credit card or debit card via PayPal (for a long-term subscription, please contact our support team for details)
    • Wire transfer (for a long-term subscription, please contact our support team for details)
    We do not accept:
    • Checks
    • Cash

    3. Activate an API key

    • The API key is activated automatically within a couple of hours after we receive a payment from you.
    • We send you a confirmation email with API endpoints and helpful information.
    • NOTE! We strongly recommend you to use your unique API key {appid=} in each JSON call. It helps us to authorise a request from your application and process it appropriately.

    4. Other useful information

    How to get an invoice
    • When you subscribe to a paid subscription in ‘Billing plans’ AND provide your details in ‘Invoice info’ tab in your account, an invoice is issued automatically.
    • You can find invoices and transaction history in the ‘My Payments’ section of your settings.
    • If you pay by manual invoice (for long-term subscribing), you don't have a ‘My Payments’ page. Instead, you receive invoices directly from our support team. You can request a new invoice by contacting us.
    How to unsubscribe
    • You can cancel your subscription at any time in your account.
    • After cancelling your subscription, your service stays active until the end of your current term. We downgrade your account to Free from the beginning of your next term.
    • If you pay by manual invoice, please contact our support team.
    • You can also delete your account in the ‘Privacy Center’ section of your settings.
    Licenses How to get technical support Customisation of APIs
    • Please contact us to discuss an API that would better fit your requirements and contents expanded features, more in-depth archives of historical data, more flexible support.