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About Crop Map section

To reach the Crop Map section please go to the left-hand menu and select the corresponding menu item.

crop map menu section

Crop Map section contains the map with already recognized boundaries of polygons and its statistics.

crop map overview section

How to work with Crop Map

  1. Go to the Crop Map section.

    • The map will display the latest available year by default. The chosen year will be highlighted on the timeline.

  2. To view statistics for a recognized field, hover over this field with the cursor.

  3. You can select another year from the timeline to see the Crop Map and statistics for the corresponding year.

    • The Crop Map will be displayed for the chosen year.


Information for the chosen polygon:

  • Years timeline - contains the list of available years of recognized crop fields.

  • Name of the crop for the chosen field.

  • Field statistics:

  • Area - total area for the chosen field, hectares.

  • NDVI min - the minimum value of the NDVI index for the chosen field.

  • NDVI max - the maximum value of the NDVI index for the chosen field.

  • NDVI chart showing the dynamics of changes in the index for a season.

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