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Satellite and weather data for precision farming in fast and easy ways

Based on a large amount of processing satellite and climate data, we provide satellite imagery, vegetation indices and weather data as well as analytical reports and crop monitoring.

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Our Products

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Agro API


Through our simple and fast API, you can easily implement multi-spectrum satellite imagery, vegetation indices and weather data of the crop for the most recent day or for a day in the past to your projects.

Datasets in Agro API


  • New satellite imagery every 2-4 days

  • NDVI, EVI, EVI2, NRI, DSWI, NDWI indices for any polygon

  • Historical archive of satellite imagery from 2018

  • Satellite imagery data from Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2

  • On-the-fly processing


  • Numerical values of NDVI, EVI, EVI2, NRI, DSWI, NDWI indices statistics for every field

  • Historical NDVI data for a polygon

  • Accumulated temperature and precipitation

  • Soil temperature and moisture on the different depth


  • Current weather for any geographic coordinates

  • Forecast for 5 days ahead with 3- hour step

  • Historical weather archive with depth by request

  • Data sets include air temperature, humidity, wind speed and other significant weather parameters.

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Agro Dashboard


Dashboard is a visual service that helps you to monitor your field states over the year. The service allows to operate with satellite imagery and weather data along with advanced machine learning technologies.

Just draw your polygon on the map and immediately get satellite imagery, NDVI, EVI, NRI, DSWI, NDWI vegetation indices statistics, Hourly and Daily weather forecasts, Historical weather data, Historical NDVI chart and others.

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Crop Map


Based on large amount of processing satellite and climate data, we provide analytical reports and detailed datasets for crop monitoring:

  • Crop map (soy, corn, wheat, etc.)

  • Recognised field boundaries

  • Vegetation indices statistics by each recognised field

  • Climate data for regions and particular field

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Agro Analytics


We can customise our analytical reports for your needs. Reports include overviews of the conditions of the observed crops, distribution on the map of the type of crops and their condition, vegetation statistics, etc. Data can be stratified and aggregated by any criterion, for instance, by crops, by regions, by years.

We are a team of IT experts that create essential satellite and weather products, meticulously tuned to the needs of global businesses.

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