Collection of weather and satellite data




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The depth of weather historical data 1 year On request
The depth of historical satellite data

(NDVI, EVI, True color, False color)

6 days 1 year On request
Total square of polygons 2 500 ha *

Learn more about the expansion of the tariff limit

20 000 ha *

Learn more about the expansion of the tariff limit

On request
Count of polygons Only technical constraint Only technical constraint On request
Total count requests to API 60 request per minutes 3000 request per minutes Only technical constraint


Current weather data

We collect this tariff for each client's needs. Different polygon areas, additional territories for satellite data, any number of requests per minute, etc.

Write us your requirements and we will calculate the cost for you and provide favorable conditions!

5 day forecast
Current UV Index
Current soil data
Satellite images data

Detect data for your location

Forecast 16 weather
History weather data
Historical soil data
History UV Index
Forecast UV Index
Accumulated precipitation
Accumulated temperature


Weather API data update < 2 hours < 2 hours < 10 min
License for maps, APIs, and other products CC BY-SA 4.0 CC BY-SA 4.0 CC BY-SA 4.0
or custom
License for data and database ODbL ODbL ODbL
or custom
Tech support Helpdesk Helpdesk Direct 24x7

You can request data for unlimited space (no limit) within any tariff. At the end of the month we will form an invoice for you for areas exceeding the limit of your tariff. Price for additional data requested: 1 ha = 1 cent per month.



Did you find that there is no data for your specified territories or do you need data for territories that are not marked on the map? Please contact us. We'll try to find an appropriate solution based on your requirements.

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